Tree trimming, pruning and tree shaping

Tree trimming and pruning beautify and enhance not only the tree, but also the grass coverage beneath the tree. Thinning the tree's crown and canopy allow much needed light to penetrate and revive dead grass previously shaded by the think leaves of overgrown branches. Removing dead limbs also reduces the risk of certain microorganisms that ultimately prove fatal to a tree.

Trimming allows passage for sidewalks and clearance trimming can extend the life of your roof and guttering tremendously. We have the skill and equipment required to remove a tree that threatens the foundation of your property or interferes with power lines. Call us now at 706-276-2085 for a free written estimate. Remember that TreeMann’s Tree Service guarantees the lowest price. Also ask about our senior, veteran and educator discounts. We also offer payment plans (if qualified.)

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